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Is Your Business Protected From Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is increasingly at an alarming rate. Almost half of UK reported crime is cyber related yet many businesses believe that data breaches are the sole preserve of the large organisations. Trust Fiducia provide a Cyber Insurance policy that protects your firm in the event that you fall victim. More than that though, we provide you with ongoing advice and guidance on information security best practice throughout the year to ensure your risk posture is managed.

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Protection From The Information Security Specialists

We're not really just an insurance company that sells Cyber as an add-on to other lines of insurance - we're information security specialists. We maintain that assessment of your security posture over a number of overlapping best practices is the most effective method of mitigation. We have developed an assessment, rating and remediation service that provides your business with a balanced view of your risks across both prevention and recovery. Moreover, we provide free training and awareness content for you and your employees throughout the year to keep you one step away from the bad guys. Oh, yes, and it's all free when you sign up!

Assessment Easily identify and assess your risk. Qualification and application takes minutes.
Prevention Prevent attacks and losses before they occur by free access to our awareness and training content.
Recovery Quickly recover when all else fails safe in the knowledge that you have a policy that's robust and comprehensive.

Comprehensive coverage for SME Clients with ongoing Training and Awareness for free

Our product provides coverage from all forms of cyber risk, including coverage for network breaches, ransomware, business interruption, funds transfer fraud, privacy liability, regulatory fines and penalties, and more. As a Trust Fiducia client you are given free access to training material such as the Employee Awareness course that will ensure all your employees are kept abreast of information security best practices.

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We’ve got you covered before, during, and after an incident

Access to ongoing Cyber Awareness training is crucial in the fast changing landscape in which cyber criminals operate. Our content rich client area offers a range of awareness content that keeps you, your staff, your firm one step away from the criminals. If an incident does occur, our team of ecosystem partners are ready to help you recover. We’ve also partnered with experienced forensic, breach response, crisis management, and legal teams who can respond immediately to adverse events.

Cyber breaches are here to stay - The greatest threat to your business in 2018

Trust Fiducia provides specialist data breach and cyber risk assessment and remediation services for SME’s throughout the UK. Hacking and data breach is one the biggest threats to any business. According to the Office for National Statistics, cyber enabled fraud and computer misuse now accounts for almost half of all fraud crimes committed in the UK (47%). The consequences of falling victim of a cyber event could well be catastrophic. In some cases, business have never recovered and gone to the wall!

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You are legally obligated to mitigate - Don't be a victim

As a business professional, you have a legal obligation to securely protect the information you hold, both in terms of your clients, prospects and employees, and in regard to any data held on behalf of a third party. Any loss of personal data should be disclosed to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and can result in significant fines and penalties, not to mention significant reputational damage to your business. Remember Talk Talk, Wannacry in the NHS, Netflix? The UK Government are now imposing fines for organisations who get breached and have not implemented suitable checks and balances within their firm.

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