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Cyber Threats are increasing at an alarming rate:


  • Almost 30% of reported UK crime in the 12 months to June 2017 was cyber-related

  • The UK's small businesses are attacked more than 7 million times every year, costing the UK economy over £5bn 


 Trust Fiducia provides a Cyber Insurance policy which protects your firm in the event that you fall victim.


More than that though, we provide you with ongoing advice and guidance on information security best practice throughout the year to ensure your risk posture is managed.


Cyber Threat prevention is better than cure. We work with you to make sure you are as prepared as possible, while ensuring that you are properly covered should you fall victim.


As a Trust Fiducia client you are given  access to training material such as the Employee Awareness course which will ensure that all your employees are kept abreast of information security best practices. You will also benefit from a range of assessment and mitigation advice from our customer portal. You'll be insured against all forms of cyber risk, including coverage for network breaches, ransomware, business interruption, funds transfer fraud, privacy liability, regulatory fines and penalties under regulations such as GDPR. 



We've brought together best in class cyber threat assessment capability, mitigation advice, insurance and incident response to ensure a breadth of unrivalled protection is made available to you . 


We work with Chubb, one of the worlds leading underwriters of Cyber.

Cyber Risk Insurance provides indemnity against the associated risks and liabilities from cybercrime, data hacking and/or data breach. From damage to websites or other online platforms to loss of personal data, extortion (remember Wannacry?) and regulatory fines (e.g. GDPR). 
Cyber Crime is on the increase. Over 30% of recorded crime in the UK is Cyber related. Your business either holds some form of data on yourselves, your suppliers and your clients and most probably relies on core computer systems. You have a legal responsibility to mitigate the risk of this data begin compromised by a criminal.
Indemnity levels start from £100,000 and go up to £5m+. Obtaining a quote is simple and you can even purchase on line within 5 minutes. 
You then benefit from the full Trust Fiducia elearning, training and awareness platform, assessments and mitigation advice throughout the lifetime of your policy.

Logging on here will get you access to the Training and Awareness Zone.